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Interview with The Crochet-Der

Mujeres con Visión entrevista a Christine Schröder, una Mujer con Visión muy especial:

MCV: So, at the March for Women on International Women's Day in Hato Rey on March 8th, we noticed that you were passing out "Pussyhats." Can you tell us what that project is about and why you were doing this?

Crochet-Der: I knew about the Women's March in Washington, D.C., the day after the Presidential Inauguration, on Jan., 21, 2017, and I also knew that there was going to be a march here in San Juan on March 8th, and I decided to make Pussyhats to distribute to the people who wanted them to incorporate the people from San Juan with the other marches going-on globally. Initially, my intention was to sell them, but I ended up giving them away for free.

The Pussyhat Project was co-founded by Krista Suh and Jayna Zweiman. Krista is a screenwriter currently co-writing an action-comedy movie starring female leads with the writer of Dukes of Hazzard.

Jayna is an architect based in Los Angeles. Aurora Lady did all the Pussyhat Project artwork. Aurora is currently working on several art pieces - check out her website. She is based in Pasadena, CA.

Kat Coyle designed the Pussy Power Hat pattern. Kat owns The Little Knittery in Atwater Village, CA.

MCV: Why did you give them away for free? How many did you give away?

Crochet-Der: In total, I crocheted about 45 and I gave them all away. The reason was primarily to demonstrate artistically that women are naturally giving creatures. Women give everything away. It's natural. And believe it or not, some people were amazed that I wasn't asking for money. So, for me, as a female artist, I understood that sentiment immediately. Of course people would be skeptical, especially other women, because women don't expect others to give them anything without an attachment to that act of giving.

For me, it made the impact that I thought I would experience. Although everyone was grateful, it was an interesting experience.

But, I also had another agenda of my own, which is that I asked the people who accepted the pussyhats to follow me on facebook and instagram. I am just starting out as a 'yarnbomber' here in Puerto Rico, and getting others to follow my accounts was something that I could accept, instead of money. In other words, 'followers' has more of a value to me than money.

My facebook account is: YarnbombingPr Crochetder

My Instagram account is: yarnbombing_pr

MCV: In one of the photos that you submitted, we noticed that you also placed these pussyhats on bronze statues. What is the significance of that?

Crochet-Der: Well, initially, I simply wanted to 'yarnbomb' these structures, as an expression of art; but also at the same time to make a point. That these hats, although they stand for something very important and equal rights for women everywhere, they have already become kitsch in such a short time. So, as an artist, I was making a statement, that these structures are supporting women's rights by wearing these hats, but ultimately, they have no power whatsoever as they are only hollow statues. Just like these pussyhats actually have no power whatsoever. Power is still in the hands of men in most countries. Although women could have that power, we are too busy giving... so we give it to men.

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