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Interview: thecnnekt

Who is Emily? Who is Chary? How did you meet?

CS: Chary is your Californian turned Brooklynite girl with a mouth like a sailor and a heart of gold. And I suck at writing bios and self-summaries.

EM: Emily is a true Gemini. She has a soft side but can be tough in all sense of the word. She is a true city girl who loves the constant hustle and thrives off of creativity. She is someone you call a friend.

What is thecnnekt? How was the idea born?

CS: thecnnekt is her. him. them. We feature all Voices through digital and IRL interviews to build and nurture a cultured community.

We both were freelance writers for another site that brought people together and when the site went under, we thought it was a great opportunity to recreate the platform, but in a way where other voices were showcased, and a IRL opportunity to bring folks together. That is how we were born.

What would you say is the main objective behind creating the organization?

CS: The main objective was to create a platform to shed light on other voices who were not getting enough attention and to create a meaningful community.

EM: We pride ourselves in the fact that our interviews feature celebrities and people of a lesser following but who deserve the spotlight. This allows folks to sit side by side and be completely equals on the same playing field. Their works or doings are THAT of importance. Same with our events, they are intimate with a crowd that contains a mix of everyone, as it always should be. To sum it up, our main objective is inclusivity.

Why is thecnnekt important to you?

CS: Emily and I are your average gals who came together to build something out of nothing. To see what it has become, it makes us so proud. We see the relationships come out of the community and meeting amazing people who are really making an impact in the community.

EM: It’s important to me because thecnnekt promotes and encourages. It does not compete. Again, inclusive.

Where would you like thecnnekt to be in five years?

CS: Ugh, this is a tough question. I am not sure if it will be in five years, but to create a physical space for our IRL series would be amazing.

EM: Agreed and traveling the world to interview folks IRL to see their day to day in person. Possibly film them too!

Compare yourself before this idea was created, how have you changed?

CS: I think when you’re wearing more hats than what you are used you, you learn how to shift gears, compartmentalize things, and be a better version of yourself, every day. I am constantly inspired by the people we meet, and how we all challenge one another to be our best selves and practice better community gathering, organization structures, and well, a better human.

EM: It’s has completely changed me. I am a better person from meeting the amazing people we have met. Also, it’s taught me the importance of working hard. I’m constantly giving my all to this organization. However, it’s also taught me the importance of ME time. I cannot put my best work forward if I’m not my own best self.

What comes to your mind when you hear “Women with Vision” (Mujeres con Visión)?

CS: I imagine a group of intelligent women wanting to push one another towards success.

EM: Chary and myself immediately come to mind. We ARE Women with Vision, we promote Women with Vision and we look up to Women with Vision.

How thecnnekt can help create more women with vision?

CS: By creating viable resources when needed and support in however way we can.

EM: By continuing with our work. All aspects of thecnnekt encourages, inspires and builds Women with Vision.

How do you see the role of women in society?

CS: ever-changing, but always upward and onward.

EM: I could not have said it better myself.

What three things you think women need to build a healthier society?

CS: I truly believe it all starts with awareness. Identifying what are the issues, and what are tangible solutions. And don’t know her? It’s okay, help a sister out.

EM: Equality. Encouragement. Confidence.


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